Inside: 13 Direct Sales Party games with Instructions

There are so many direct sales parties that all the different companies start blending in. We have compiled a list of the best and most entertaining Direct Sales party games to get your guests involved and make you stand out! The more fun they have, the more they trust you and the more people want to buy from you! Get those direct sales started!

Direct Sale Party Games

Direct Sales Party Games


The Prep Work:
Write on a direction on each index cards and put them in a paper bag.
Write one card that is the winning card.
Some direction examples:
Look around with your eyes discreet, and pass it to the one with the smallest feet.
Take the bag and look around, pass it to the one with eyes of brown.
Who loves the shop? Who can’t resist – buying more than is on your shopping list?
Take your time and don’t be harried, give it to the one who’s longest married.
You can’t keep it; you must share, pass it to the one with the longest hair.
Another year older, another pass in time pass to the birthday next in line.
Winner card reads: It’s time to end this party game. The gift is yours to take and claim!

Have everyone sit in a circle around a table with the grab bag full of the index cards, in the middle.
The hostess starts the game by pulling the first card. She must follow the directions on the card and pass the bag that fit the description listed. If there is more than one guest that fits the description, the bag is given to the first person she sees.)
One of the cards is the winning card, the person who pulls this card wins a prize (which can be one of your products.
The game continues until the winning card is drawn.
A tip to make sure the winning card is chosen right away, you can have it taped to the bottom of the bag.



I’m sure I am not the only one that has the hardest time remembering people’s names, especially more than one when I’m meeting a ton of new people at a party. This direct sales party game is the perfect way to remember names!

Rather than the boring, “my name is Lisa” introduction. Everyone has to introduce themselves and say something that starts with the first letter of their first name.

To add to it, you can choose a theme of what the word has to be around. Example, if your party is a beauty and skin care theme, the person will have to say their name with the name of a related product that starts with the first letter of their name. For instance, “My name is Lisa, and I like lipstick.”

Another type of word you could decide is to have people say their name with an adjective that describes them that starts with their first initial… “I’m Lisa, and I am loving.”

Give it a try and see how many names you remember!

Direct Sales Games



For any jewelry based product, this direct sales party game is perfect for you!
This is another ice breaker game. Guests will score point based on how much jewelry they are wearing and the first guest who has the highest score in the winner.
Here is the breakdown of scoring:
Bracelet 5 points
Pendant 10 points
Earrings 5 points
Necklace 10 points
Pin 20 points
Ring 5 points
Watch 5 points
Ankle Bracelet 10 points
Double the points if the piece is part of your jewelry line.



This direct sales party game is an easy and fun one that has a lot of future sale opportunities.

Supplies needed:
11 Envelopes

Number the envelopes 2-12 and inside each envelope label the cards as the following:

#2 – Grand Prize Envelope

#3 – Win a Prize Envelope

#4 – Win a Prize Envelope

#5 – Win a Prize Envelope

#6 – Book a Show Envelope

#7– Book a Show Envelope

#8– Book a Show Envelope

#9– Book a Show Envelope

#10– Book a Show Envelope

#11– Book a Show Envelope

Tell your guests that playing is optional; the ones who do play must do what is on the card and also have a chance to win such awesome prizes.
Once you have gathered your players, have them take turns rolling the dice. When a player rolls the dice, they will pick the envelope that goes with that number. The envelope can only be chosen once, so if other players roll a number that has already been rolled, they will roll again.

The cards that are labeled “Win a Prize” means the player gets to choose a prize from your selection.
The cards labeled “book a show,” players that draw this envelope must book a show.
And lastly, the “Grand Prize” winner, receives a gift and book a show.

For those who have to book a show, be sure to emphasize the hostess reward, so they see it as an opportunity and not an obligation.

Direct Sales Party



As each guest enters the room, hand them a blown up balloon with a folded note inside it. But they are not allowed to pop the balloon until they are told so.

At the end of your presentation, you then announce that each balloon has a prize written on the notecard inside. They can claim the prize ONLY if they book a party! Once the party is booked, then they can pop the balloon and find out the prize they have won.
The prizes can be anything you want them to be. Free shipping on their order, a small item, a gift certificate, or even an extra hostess gift the night of their party. It’s totally up to you.



What is the most significant excuse people use to not host their own party? It is that they don’t know who to invite or who would come. Well, this game is the perfect solution to that problem!

Pass out notecards to your guests and tell them to write down two of each of the following: friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors and club members.
The first person to finish their list wins a prize.
After they are all done, tell them their guest list is already made out for their own party so they are ready to book one!


Once you are all finished with your demonstration, read this to your guests.
Guests then tally up points to what applies to them as you read each line of the poem. And like always, the person with the most points wins!
But you may want to give a prize to the person with the least points as well, especially if they haven’t won many of the previous in-home show party games.

This is the poem:
I wonder who came here from afar,
Give yourself 5 if you came by car.
Were you on time? Not one minute late?
Punctuality pays so give yourself 8.

A watch is 6, and each ring is 2
10 more points if your eyes are not blue.
Score yourself 5 if you show any pink,
But take away 10 if you left dishes in the sink.

Count all of your buttons…each gives you 1
Except if they are white and then you get none.
For each bow that you have, add on 2 (Note: shoelace bows count)
But safety pins are taboo, so for each one you’re wearing you must subtract 2.

1 point for each year that you have been wed,
But take away 5 if you have on red.
Now sons are neat, on that we agree
So for each one you have you now may add 3.

But when adding up points, girls are worth more
So for each one that you have go ahead and add 4.
If you kissed your husband or boyfriend today, add 12
but into your personal life we must delve…

If you kissed them both you must subtract 20
Because you’re in trouble and trouble aplenty!
Now that’s all there so total your score
Except if you’re a special friend, there’s one more.

It’s 50 points bonus for a V.I.P.
If you’ll be a hostess for a (COMPANY) party for me!

More Direct Sales Party Games


Remember the game musical chairs from childhood birthday parties?
This direct sales party game is a variation of that game and it doubles as a great ice breaker. Make sure you have several hats, enough for each guest.
Start with your guests in a circle.
Each guest starts with a hat, except one.
When the music starts, the guest without a hat will take the hat off the head of the lady to her left, who will then take the hat off the head of the lady to her left, and so on, until the music stops.
When the music stops, the guest without a hat sits down. Eliminate one hat and start the game again and again until one person is left.



Sometimes it is difficult to start up conversations when you walk into a room full of people you don’t know. This will get guests talking to each other and your products!

As each guest comes in, have each guest leave 1 shoe under their chair and put the other in the middle of the room.

After everyone has arrived tell them to pick a shoe from the middle (not their own) and find the pair.

Once they find it, have them find out what their favorite _______ product is and 1 reason why they should book a party.

Give them a few minutes and then go around the room and have each person introduce their “shoe friend” along with their favorite product and why they should host a party.

Party Games



Give each guest a blank bingo card. As you go through your presentation, have them randomly fill in the names of items you show onto their bingo card.

After you have done with your presentation, pull out four filled in cards and call them out.

For the 5th one, you can say, “there are two free boxes, one for booking a party today with me and one for becoming a consultant today, please fill those squares in if you would like to do either.” Continue to draw product cards till someone says BINGO.



Choose 10 letters. For example:

A, S, G, O, P, M, F, E, C, L

Tell the guests you’re going to call letters out, and the first person to find an item in their purse that starts with that letter receives a ticket! Tickets then go to a raffle for a prize at the end of the game.
This can get guests active!


12. Deck of Cards

When the guests arrive, hand each of them a card from a deck of playing cards.

During your booking talk, tell guests “If you book a party, you can have any item in the catalog that is under $25, for the amount on your card. The Jack is free; ace is one dollar, Queen is eleven, and King is twelve.Then pass around a clipboard around the room for guests to write down what dates work best for them along with the value of the card they have.


13. Product Scrambler

This direct sales party game is very quick and easy.

Scramble the letters of the names of 10-15 products from your website. The first guest to unscramble each word gets a point. The guest who earns the most points wins a prize.

So, cheers to a great party and some of the best Direct Sales party games! Let us know in the comments your favorite!