Inside: 20 Best Board Games for Teens.

As our kids get older, connecting with them can become more difficult. However, sometimes we forget, that teenagers are still kids. They still like to play and have fun. One of my favorite ways to connect with my teen is by playing some fun games I know they will love.

Whether it’s family game night or the kids and their friends are having a fun night in these board games for teens will be a total hit!

Board Games for Teens

Best Board Games for Teens

Taboo: One of my all-time favorites. This fast-paced game of words is sure to induce laughter. Playing in teams makes this great for groups or family game night. The newer version has been completely updated with relevant cultural phrases but the “buzzer” is still a part of things so that in itself makes the game worth it! Seriously, what teen doesn’t want a chance to bleep out her parents?

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Telestrations: This is a visual version of the “telephone”(whispering in one another’s ears in grade school) game. No drawing skills required, stick figures, and a sense of humor necessary, this game will have everyone laughing and is sure to spawn inside jokes that’ll last for years!

Trivial Pursuit Party: This isn’t the game you exactly remember. This edition is designed to be faster paced and with various wild spots, players are permitted to choose their own category to answer questions about, plus, you’re allowed to ask a friend if you’re uncertain. This is a great one for teens through grandparents to play as the categories cover a wide range of topics.

Board Games Teens Will Love

Apples to Apples: The hilarious game of wacky comparisons is a huge hit with teens and adults. This game is fairly straightforward so it’s perfect for newbies or youth social activities. A bonus in this game is that players are given the opportunity to explain/defend their comparisons which is a fantastic learning experience!

Risk: Let’s switch gears from the chatty games and take this game, perfect for only 2 players, more if desired. The game of global domination requires strategy, logic, and skill as you command an army in its quest to defeat the enemy. This was a big favorite of my hubs as a young man and remains popular among the teens I surveyed.

Best Board Games for Teens

The Settlers of Catan: This is a newer and extremely popular game, especially among young teens. Designed for up to 5 players, the overall strategy is to gather resources and successfully settle a new land, and each time the game is played, things are different, lending itself to long term play. There are several sets that may be purchased as add-ons to keep the game going once players conquer this initial edition.

Loaded Questions: Silliness abounds in this crazy game of “What If” and this is perfect for groups or just your family game time. With over 1 million games sold, the reviews and sales speak to the fact that this is a no brainer, it’s fun in a box!

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Word On The Street: Described as a hilarious tug of words, this game is full of excitement and laughter.  Teams try to distract one another from forming words and pull them to their side of the street. Oodles of excellent reviews and raves from young adults to grandparents.  I’m grabbing one for our family and my word-loving’ teen!

The Awkward Storyteller: Straightforward party game for 4 to 11 players aged 16 and up. The format is certain to get participants smiling, interacting, and thinking up original twists and plot lines for their story, which they make up as they go along, for the entertainment of the other players and anyone else who is listening.

Zobmondo: This Would You Rather Game is full of crazy questions and hilarious situations that let your imaginations run wild!

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Pocket Ungame: Non-competitive and perfect ice breakers, excellent for classrooms, parties and youth groups. Enjoy at the family dinner table or with friends!

Quelf: Obey the cards to win! Each card will ask the player to do something terribly silly! Take the challenge and advance or forfeit and move back!

Exploding Kittens: The most backed Kickstarter project in history is here and this funny game is causing big laughs all over the game tables! Family-friendly and still appealing for teenagers.

More of Our Favorite Board Games for Teens

Codenames: Social word game pitting each other as master spies struggling to avoid an assassin. Strategy and critical thinking skills are sharpened.

Goatlords: This game guarantees hilarious fun for all ages and is a hysterical commentary on current culture. There’s silliness for all with this game!

Coup: In a dystopian world, this is your chance to manipulate, bribe, and scheme to make it to absolute power.

Fact or Crap: Fast-paced game that lets you decide what’s real and what’s bologna. Perfect for multi-generations and expanding your trivia knowledge.

Game Night Ideas

Time’s Up: Race against the clock to name books, movies and more to show your cultural savvy.  Competitive yet fun, this will get the hearts racing and create hilarious memories!

Moods: Love this one for helping tweens and teens express emotions and learn to effectively identify them in others, all while laughing hysterically! Perfect for parties or classroom fun!

Picwits:  If your teen loves Apples to Apples, this is definitely for you! The concept is similar but uses pictures instead of words.

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