Inside: Valentine Party Ideas + Free Printable Valentine Game.

Hugs, Kisses, Sweethearts, and Honey, these are just a few of our favorite things! Along with date nights and desserts, I love Valentine’s because of the cute and colorful games and activities to have fun with the kids.

Usually, for Valentine’s, the kiddos have a colorful school party, possibly a festive friend’s bash, and most always we celebrate together as a family in the name of love. I personally love setting up a “surprise” celebration at home and indulging in some sweets and fun.

One staple I always have at a holiday party are fun themed games. Turning any normal game into a theme takes it to the next level and makes your celebration so much more fun. This year we created this adorable FREE Printable Valentine Game so that you can enjoy the fun too!

Free Printable Valentine Game

Throwing the Perfect Valentine Bash

When you are planning any Valentine bash there are a few staples you must include…

Sweets: Obviously no Valentine’s Day party is complete without some yummy chocolate! Having a fun themed chocolate treat is an easy and special way to add a little something sweet to the day. This hugs and kisses chocolate bark is one of my favorite themed dessert ideas.

Treats: Now I am not talking about food here! I think it is so important to treat your party guests to a surprise element, make them feel special. One of my favorite ways to do this is by the element of surprise. Making the party feel like a surprise bash is super fun, especially for kids. One way I do this is by getting my party all set up, and then when they walk through the door popping these colorful confetti poppers! It adds such a fun element of surprise.

Entertainment: Activities, games, and crafts are great for holiday parties. The kids love them and they are such a fun way to make the party feel special. Along with our new FREE Printable Valentine Game, these Minute to Win It Games are another great way to have some fun.

How to throw a valentine party with free printable games

FREE Printable Valentine Game

Like I said earlier, this year we decide to create this super cute colorful, Free Printable Valentine Game.

A word search is a game that can be played by all, so we knew it would be perfect.

FREE Printable Valentine Game Word Search

How to Get Your Free Printable Valentine Game

  1. Simply download the colorful Valentine Word Search to your computer.
  3. Print out the design. We like to use card stock when playing printable games.
  4. Cut out game + enjoy!

How to Play Our Free Printable Valentine Game

This Valentine word search can be used for more than just your holiday party.

  • Race your friends to see who can find all the themed words first. This could be fun during the party, or even through a Virtual game date.
  • Print and send to your friend with their favorite candy.
  • Keep in your car for a fun activity the kiddos can do during Valentine’s week.
  • Set out for breakfast with some heart-shaped waffles to start the day off with a little fun.

The possibilities are endless!

Free Printable Valentine Game classroom valentine party games to print.

More Fun Game Ideas You’ll Love

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  • Party Games for Valentines Day – There are so many different variations and types of games to play, here is a list of some of our favorite Valentines Party Games, all perfect for classroom parties, Sunday school groups, a fun night home with the kids, and an entertaining game date night with your boo!
  • Fun Prizes for Games –  Winning isn’t everything, but it sure is something! Especially when there is a great prize at the end. I like to say I love playing games just for the fun, but my family would probably kindly disagree and say it’s solely to win! I must admit, I do love winning, maybe a little too much. 😉  But who wouldn’t want to take down your rivals (family or not) to win a good prize? To be honest, there isn’t a prize on this list that I wouldn’t be willing to fight for. Check out these totally fun and laughably funny prizes for games, big or small, they are winning worthy…