Inside: 15 High School Graduation Party Games to Celebrate

There is something so special about graduating High School, it’s a big deal and should be celebrated. These kids have put in the time and worked hard to start this next chapter in their lives and deserve a big bash to honor them!

I remember by graduation party like it was yesterday and I love having those memories with my family and friends celebrating what I had accomplished and encouraging me for my next chapter. Here are 15 of our favorite High School Graduation Party Games to celebrate your special Grad.

High School graduation Party Games

High School Graduation Party Games

What Year is It?: There are two fun variations that you can try. The first one is perfect if your graduation party is just for family and close friends. The second is perfect for those huge parties that include a lot of people from your graduating class. Print out a bunch of pictures of yourself over the years (you have to know the year it was taken, and write it on the back).  You can have post-its available for your guests, and they have to guess the year the pic was taken.  A small prize for the winner is fun!  Plus this game allows everyone to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahhhh’ at how cute you were!

Graduation Party

Dip-low-ma: This game is played in teams of two. Make sure all balloons are filled as full possible and give each team their own balloon. Players have to face away from each other and hold the balloon between their lower backs. When the music starts, both players have to slowly dance their way to the floor without popping the balloon. The team who lasts the longest wins without popping their balloon wins.

Smarty Pants: A day before the game, attach a tissue box to the middle of each waistband using a hot glue gun and fill each box with ping pong balls. Divide players into two teams. Have one player from each team wear the waistband with the tissue box behind their back. Play the music and have each player shake all the ping pong balls out of the box. The first player to get them all out gets a point and the team with the most points wins.

Outdoor Graduation Party Games

Giant Jenga: Giant Jenga is probably one of the most popular backyard games, and for a good reason. It’s hilariously fun! It is perfect for a fun graduation party for all your guests!

Toast to you Grad: We recommend playing this game outdoors. Fill ten disposable cups with water and line them up at the edge of the table. Players will stand 10 to 15 feet away, ranked by age, and throw the foam balls to knock down all cups. Use the timer to record which team knocked down all the cups the fastest.

Outdoor Games

Kubb: In Kubb, you take turns throwing sticks at your opponents’ blocks. Although it seems simple enough, you only get a set number of sticks to throw, so you need to play wisely. The game really heats up when the last “king” block is standing, and all you have is one stick to make it count.

Ladder Toss: You may have heard of this game before, perhaps by a different name such as hillbilly golf, ladder ball, ladder golf, or ball rope. To play, you’ll need a ladder with three tiers and three bolas. The top tier is worth three points, the second tier is two points, and the bottom tier is worth one point. Aim for the top, and try to rack up as many points as you can to win the game. 

Games Your Grad Will Love

Let’s Travel:  Choose five to ten destinations your graduate would like to travel to. Use the tape and marker to label each bucket with those destinations. Place the buckets in a fun shape, like a pyramid or circle, and tape a line about 10 feet away from the buckets. Separate the players into two teams with different colored ping pong balls. Use a timer to give them a set amount of time to make their shots. To make it interesting, assign each bucket with different scores. The team with the highest score wins!

Pin the Tassel on the Grad: Print off a large photo of your grad and make some DIY tassels. Have the guest play a fun game of pin the tassel on the grad!

Written By: Have all players write at least one quote from their favorite novel or make their own quote. Place all the quotes in a bowl. Each player will read a quote out loud and everyone, aside from the one who wrote it, has to guess whether the quote is from a novel or made up.

Are You Smarter Than: Prepare a list of academic and pop-culture questions in advance. Separate players into two teams, preferably teens vs. adults. Use the questions you prepared to see which generation has the brains in the family.

A Few More Fun Grad Games

Who Am I?: I wish I had done this, it’s one of the coolest graduation party games!   When your guests arrive, they each get a sticky note attached to their back, with the name of a teacher on it.  Your guests can only ask yes or no questions to figure out which teacher they are!  Obviously, this game works best if you’re including people from your graduating class. If it’s a family and friends affair, then you can do famous people, names of family members, and such.

Who Knows the Graduate Best: This fun graduation printable is perfect to hand out to your guests as they arrive and go over the answers later in the party!

Graduation Party Games

Don’t Drop the Tassel: Separate all players into two equal teams and give them each one straw. Have each team stand in two straight lines facing each other. The players at the front of their team’s line will hold the straw with their mouth and place the tassel on their straw. With their hands behind their back, they will attempt to hang the tassel on the next player’s straw. If the tassel is dropped, the team must start again from the front of the line. The team who reaches the end first wins.

Making a Leader:  Separate all players into two equal teams. Place a copy of each photo in both buckets and set a timer. Have each team place all photos in chronological order. As they’re placing the photos, feel free to tell them which photos are placed wrong but don’t tell them where it goes. The first team to guess the order correctly wins.

Games for any Occasion

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Now it’s time to celebrate you grad with these fun High School Graduation party games!