Inside: 13 Kitty Party Games for Ladies Night.

Get a bunch of ladies and fun kitty party games together in a room and you know what’s going to happen. Sure thing, the gossip galore streaming through the place will echo across all corners at these Kitty Games. So, why not combine this buzz with some new yet creative and quirky kitty party game ideas for ladies to sass up the high spirits of the occasion!

Kitty Party games

Fun Kitty Games for Ladies Night

Ladies Guessing Game: This game is one of the easiest of kitty party games on paper.

  • Each guest will have to write one lie and two truths about herself on a piece of paper.
  • Collect all the papers, fold them, and put them in a bowl.
  • Next, one person has to pull out a folded paper from the bowl at random and read out the lie and facts to the group of players.
  • Whoever can guess the most lies out of the group, wins!

Guess the Advertisement: There is nothing more interesting than guessing advertisement taglines.

  • Start by making a list of some advertisement taglines that are very common.
  • According to the number of people playing get the questionnaire list photocopied.
  • In order to start the game, give out the created list to the players.
  • Set a short time limit of around 2 minutes.
  • Whoever guesses the most advertisements correct in those 2 minutes, wins!

Ladies Night Ideas

Movie Name Game: This is one of the easiest and fun party games ideas.

  • Give each player a paper and a pen.
  • Tell them to write all the possible movie names of a particular movie actor.
  • Set the time limit to about 2 minutes.
  • The one who comes up with the most movie names, WINS!

Brand Game: This kitty game is exciting and really simple.

  • Ask all the guests to write down all the brands of makeup they could think of.
  • Set a time limit, a minimum of 2 minutes.
  • You may also write down the names of cars, apparel brands, etc. – the choice of the topic is up to you.
  • You can even add a twist to the game by asking them to write only the existing brands.

Kitty Games You’ll Love

Biscuit Sliding Game: This game is really hilarious when played. It just like the classic Minute to Win It game, cookie face!

  • Place a biscuit on the forehead of each player.
  • The player has to slide the biscuit from their forehead to her mouth without the help of their hands.
  • When a biscuit falls, the player is eliminated.

Pick the Toothpick: This game gets really interesting and fun when there are many people involved.

  • Keep the toothpick sets on the table after opening their caps.
  • Each person has to pick the toothpicks from their sets using only their palms.
  • The toothpicks that stick to their palm should be placed on the table.
  • The person who keeps the most toothpicks on the table wins!

Kitty games

Tie the Knot: Any number of players can play ‘tie the knot’.

  • Set a time limit. The players have to tie knots as many as they can under the time limit.
  • The fun part is the players have to untie the knots under another time limit.
  • The player who unties the most number of knots wins.

Handbag Queen: This game is really simple to host!

  • The player should make a list of everything found in her bag like credit cards, perfumes, lipsticks, handkerchief, etc.
  • Players can make a list of at least fifteen things.
  • The player with the maximum number of items wins the game.

Ladies Night – Have a Blast

The Spoon Game: Does it remind of your childhood days? If yes, then go ahead and play this game at your kitty party. All the players will enjoy this game.

  • Each player has to pick the candy using a spoon and place it in the bowl.
  • The player should not use their hands, and the spoons must be held using their mouths.
  • The players can play in turns or at one go.
  • The player having the maximum amount of candy in her bowl wins the game.

Musical Puzzle Game: This game is perfect for music lovers.

  • Each player should be provided with paper and a pen.
  • Make a list of questions related to every song you are going to play.
  • Play the songs one by one and ask questions after every song. These questions asked must be related to that particular song. All the players have to record the answer in the paper given to them without telling anyone.
  • Set a time limit of 15-20 seconds for the players to answer.
  • If your kitty has lesser members, you can have the buzzer system and let the players answer immediately instead of writing it down on a piece of paper. You can keep a scoreboard to maintain scores.
  • The player with the highest number of right answers wins.

Top 3 in Our City: This game is really fun and can be played during parties and family get together.

  • Divide the players into groups and give them a paper and pen.
  • The questionnaire that you have prepared can consist of questions that people are familiar with. You can also ask general knowledge questions related to your city.
  • Each group has to write the answers on the paper within a specified time.
  • The team with the highest points wins.

Kitty Games

Let’s Party – Kitty Party Games

Card Puzzle Game: This is like playing cards but with a twist.

  • Remove the ace, king, jack, and queen from the pack to get a total of 16 cards.
  • These cards must be cut into 3 pieces and mix them well.
  • The game is to match the correct cards both the color and the number.
  • This should be done in a minute.
  • The winner is the person having the most number of matches within the time limit.

Spin and Paint:

  • Arrange the nail paint bottles in a circle on a table or on the floor.
  • Turn by turn, ask the members of the kitty to spin the bottle in the center of the circle formed by the nail paint bottles.
  • When the bottle stops spinning, the player gets one minute to color as many of their own nails as possible in a minute.
  • The player who paints the maximum number of their nails and paints them well in a minute is the winner.

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