Inside: Photo Worthy Wedding Send Off Ideas 

It’s easy to make your wedding exit just as exciting as your entrance with a little help from your guests. And you can customize it to fit your personalities perfectly.

Whether you’re timing it at the very end of the special night or as you depart from your ceremony venue. Maybe even en route to the reception, this fun tradition is always super exciting and interactive for everyone.

From popping confetti to a grand light show, here are our favorite wedding send off ideas for your big day!

Wedding Send Off Ideas For Great Send Off Photos

“Toss the ____” – Fun Wedding Send Off Ideas

Tossing Paper Planes: Have guests write well wishes on the inside before folding so you can read them on your anniversary.

Balloons: Don’t fret if your wedding is indoors. A playful balloon toss is just as magical and possibly even far more fun. Have your guests toss them towards you and your spouse as you attempt to dodge them or return the volley. Choose colors and textures that befit your wedding style and venue and wait for the fun-filled photos.

Toss Eucalyptus Leaves: Not only is the color stunning, but bunches of lavender smell amazing and create such a romantic feel.

Classic Rice Toss: A traditional rice toss will lend wedding pictures a cinematic feel. The tradition dates back to Roman times, and the tossing of rice symbolizes fertility and prosperity. This classic is also easy on the budget and simple to source, just grab a bag next time you’re on a grocery run.

Fun Wedding Send Off Ideas To Leave Wedding Reception

Pop Confetti: Colorful confetti will explode everywhere and make for amazingly fun photos. There is less sparkle and shine, but easier cleanup, especially with our biodegradable confetti! Clean up is a sinch and you still get that fun colorful sendoff!

Toss Flower Petals: Move over flower girls, blooms aren’t just for tossing along the aisle anymore. A post-nuptial petal toss is a pretty and festive way to kick off the rest of the day’s celebration.

Confetti Cannon Wedding Send Off Ideas

Photo Worthy Wedding Send Off Ideas

Blow Bubbles: Streamers and petals are pretty, but some require extra post-ceremony cleanup. Bubbles double as fun favors with less mess.
Release Butterflies: Setting butterflies free symbolizes new beginnings and happiness. The butterflies will flutter about the new couple before flying free, making for a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity and a final wedding memory you’ll never forget.
Streamer Sticks: For a sense of rustic whimsy, create ribbon wands for your guests to wiggle back and forth as you make your great escape. Bonus: These colorful wands are a super easy DIY project. Just pick out your favorite ribbon combo and tie it to dowels for a great wedding exit.

Sparklers: There’s always the classic wedding send-off: sparklers. A sparkler-studded exit is a great way to glam up a casual wedding or add a sense of whimsy to a formal celebration.

Unique Wedding Send Off Ideas You Haven't Seen Before

Release Balloons: Have your guests release a sea of biodegradable balloons into the sky for a truly uplifting moment. This is best for a daytime wedding so you can watch as the balloons ascend into the sky.

Floating Paper Lanterns: If your wedding reception will end after dusk (as most weddings do), you can have your guests release sky lanterns as you take off. There’s nothing more romantic than watching these pepper the sky. Many even consider the ceremony to be good luck and charge the lanterns with their personal wishes as they ascend toward the heavens. (Use battery-operated lights, however, instead of an open flame, which can lead to a fire.)

Colorful Smoke Bombs: How about a real smoke show? Equip your guests with hand-held smoke bombs and dash off through clouds of color from delicate wisps and plumes to a full-blown, ethereal backdrop.

Fireworks: Light up the skies with your love!

Confetti Cannons Bulk For Wedding Favors Send Off

Ride Away in Style

Getaway Trolley: Way more imaginative (and fun) than your average limo.

A Retro Van: The perfect (and most memorable) exit for the bohemian bride.
Wedding Get Away Car Ride Off
Vintage Motorbike or Scooter: For a fun exit full of retro charm there is nothing cooler than a vintage scooter or motorbike.
Sail Away: What could be more dreamy than drifting away into the sunset with your new husband in a boat just for two
Horse Drawn Carriage: For something with a little more old-world romance consider a gentle getaway on a horse drawn carriage.

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