Inside: Swimmingly Fun Mermaid Birthday Party Games

Does your child dream of being under the sea? Maybe you have a Little Mermaid lover? These fun mermaid party games will help make her little mermaid birthday party one to remember. This fun list includes DIY games to outdoor pool party ideas, all perfect for the best birthday bash.

Check out our favorite Mermaid Birthday Party Games for Kids, which we promise the adults will have fun playing too!

Mermaid Birthday Party Games

Mermaid Birthday Party Game Ideas

Pin the Tail on the Mermaid: If you are looking for an enjoyable party game, then how about a go at the classic ‘”Pin the Tail”? Kids are going to have a blast trying to pin the mermaid tail in the right spot. Place a blindfold on the child, and have them pin (or tape) the tails onto the mermaid. Whoever gets closest wins a prize

Mermaid Bingo: A simple game of bingo is such a fun mermaid party activity. Hand out the cards to each player with markers (shells would be a fun marker for a mermaid party) and have them place one each time a square is called. The first child to make a line of 5 items (diagonal, horizontal, or vertical) yells out BINGO and wins the game!

Printable Mermaid Birthday Party Games

Find the Pearl: A twist on the classic musical chairs, but in this game, everyone is a winner. The little mermaids dance to the music around the giant seashells. When the music stops all the girls stand on a seashell and lift it up to see if the pearl is inside. Only one shell has the pearl. The girl that chooses the pearl gets to collect a prize. Hide the pearl again and continue playing until every girl has found a pearl.

To make shells use different colored poster boards and cut out the shell shapes. For the pearl, you’ll just need to cut out a while circle.

Creative Mermaid Games

Catch the Sea Witch: In this little mermaid game the little mermaids race to catch the Sea Witch with their “jellyfish stingers”. When they hit her with a stinger she freezes up. The only way for her to be unfrozen is to throw out candy for her release. The games continue until the Sea Witch runs out of candy. We like to call this game the human piñata, it is always a big hit.

To play you’ll need an adult volunteer to be the Sea Witch. Why an adult? Just because on average kids find games ten times more fun when they get to chase an adult, plus an adult will be more responsible with the candy throwing. Speaking of candy, you’ll need a bag of that too. For the jellyfish stingers, you’ll need something that won’t hurt if thrown. I suggest those ball pit balls or small nerf balls.

Creative Mermaid Birthday Party Games

Pass the Treasure: While the music is playing, the mermaids pass around a special treasure wrapped in many layers of “seaweed”. When the music stops the mermaid caught holding the treasure must unwrap another layer of seaweed off and follow the silly secret message written on it. The game continues until one of the little mermaids unwraps the last layer and discovers the treasure. The treasure is shared with all the mermaids.

The treasure can be a mermaid favor for each guest, for treasure ideas see below. You’ll need to wrap the treasure in many layers of green wrapping paper or tissue. Between each layer include a fun under the sea challenge. Example challenges are:

  • Do a crab-walk across the floor
  • Rub your stomach while patting your head.
  • Sing your favorite little mermaid song.
  • Puff your cheeks out like a blowfish.
  • Do ten jumping jacks.
  • Do five mermaid twirls.

DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Games

Seashell Toss: Using foam board and bean bags, I made a seashell toss game for the little quick fun competition game.

Under the Sea Fun: Use a large blue sheet and have all the little mermaids grab a side. Place some sea creature stuffed animals, or the like, underneath the sheet (if you don’t have any you can use balloons). Have all the little mermaids shake the sheet to create “ocean waves”.

Call out a name and that mermaid must run under the sheet and grab a sea creature and throw it on top of the waves. They must bounce it around without letting it fall off. Keep calling names and adding to the ocean waves until one falls off. Play a game to see how many objects the mermaids can keep bouncing.

DIY Game Ideas For Mermaid Birthdays

Mermaid Wishing Stone: Here is another for those of you looking for non-competitive little mermaid games. Purchase colored rocks at your local dollar store or collect them yourself. Paint the rocks in different colors. You’ll need about 3-5 of each color, and a separate color for each mermaid player. Before the party hide these rocks through the playing area.

When you are ready to play the game tell the girls that the magical wishing stones have gone missing, but if they work together they could find them. Assign each mermaid a color to find. When a mermaid finds all her wishing stones she receives a prize. She can then help others find their stones.

Mermaid Pool Party Games

Do you have a summer birthday? These little mermaid birthday party games are perfect to play in the pool! Have fun in the sun and live all those fun mermaid dreams.

Mermaid Treasure Hunt: This great party game for the pool can be adapted for all ages and abilities. For advanced mermaids, scatter fun trinkets at the deep end and let them scoop up as much treasure as they can in one dive. Trinkets can be colorful necklaces, diving sticks, or miscellaneous dollar store items. For younger mermaids, scatter a few items in the shallow end by their feet. Can they hold their breath long enough to bend down and pick them up? Adjust the game according to each swimmer’s ability. Adult supervision is always recommended.

Mermaid Birthday Party Games

Watch Out for Sharks: Divide into teams of sharks and mermaids. Match each mermaid with a dive ring the same color as her tail. Then throw the dive rings in at random. When the adult says go, each mermaid will retrieve her dive stick from the bottom. But watch out for sharks! The sharks can stop you! Sharks can move the rings, block the mermaids’ diving attempts and even pull the rings off their arms. The first mermaid to find her ring, make it through shark-infested water, and return to “home base,” wins.

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